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My Story

I was brought here to help heal the conscious collective, especially children and adolescents. What does that even mean? I grew up in a very traumatic household. I have seen all kinds of abuse. I always knew I was meant for something greater. I have come into my abilities as an energy healer in the past few years. I am an empath (the ability to feel other people's emotions/energy as if it were my own) and lately my clair senses have been opening up at a rapid pace. Thankfully I have learned how to discern what is mine and what is not. This has helped me in knowing how to help other people push past their limitations in their physical bodies by working with their energetic biofield. I am able to work with your body's chakra system (energy points in the body) to help move any stuck energy you're holding on to. I can help you identify where your stuck energy lies and help you navigate how to balance your chakra's so that your body is performing at its very best. Oftentimes we think being uncomfortable in our own bodies is normal. It is not. I can help you access why you have tensions and/or discomforts in your body and how to eliminate it. I can help children and adolescents that are struggling understand how to control their emotional bodies through different healing methods and tools. For the children that suffer with ADHD, ADD, and/or are more sensitive to sound/energies around them, I can help not only those children but also the parents to better understand why and give them tools to help manage their children's emotional bodies. I am so honored to be here and be able to share these abilities with those who need it most. Please feel free to reach out for more information and or questions.


Why Unalome?

I love the meaning behind the symbol so much so that I have it tattooed on my forearm. It is a daily reminder for me that the path is meant to be messy. We're meant to endure hardships. These hardships teach us a lesson and IF AND ONLY IF we learn the lesson we move on towards our higher path. Sometimes we stay in the lesson and learn "mini" lessons or if you've noticed a repeat on your path and feel stuck because the same things happen to you, you're not listening (and that's OK) 😉 I can help you to unstuck yourself. Everything starts as energy first before it manifests into the physical. Pay attention to the signs all around you. Slow down, breathe, and find your unalome. 

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